Food Adventure in Malibu!!!!!!




My daughter and I love going to Malibu and trying different food places.  Yesterday we went to our favorite fish shack-Malibu Seafood right on PCH!!!!  Sooooo Tasty!!!  The best Fish & Chips around!  We also love the fried clams.  I tried their clam chowder for the first time and it was yummy, my daughter isn’t a big soup fan but did try it and thought it was yummy for soup.  Then we ventured over to Crumbs cupcake shop at Cross Creek Road in Malibu to test out their cupcakes!!!  Incredible!! The best we have had out!!!  We ordered the Peanut Butter Chocolate and oh my so gooooood and moist!!!  Even an extra bonus it is in a cute shopping area with Kitson, one of my daughter’s favorite stores!!! What a day!!  It might not have been the healthiest food day but we sure did enjoy it and sometimes you need to venture out!!!  Here’s to you going on a Food Adventure!!!!







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  1. OMG Gina, it all looks so good and we are going to have to try that place. Ok where is Jerry’s Deli that you saw, I can’t place where it is?

      • Oh Lenny’s. I don’t know that deli, but I had a feeling you were in Pascific Palisades, walking around. I want to go there and walk around too.

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