Potato Salad


One of my Husbands favorites is Potato Salad.  I never seem to make the same one over and they all have their different flavors.  This one was real creamy and pickley (if that is a word?), which he prefers.



Russet Potatoes (6) boiled & skinned (Salt, Pepper, Lemon, & Garlic in the boiling water)

Sweet White Onion-1/2 – 3/4 of the onion, chopped.

Dill Pickles (4) chopped & about 3 tbsp pickle juice to taste.

Dijon-about 3-4 tbsp.

Mayo (Best Foods is all I use) -1 cup- I kind of eye it how creamy it is for the amount. We like it creamy.

Sweet Pickle Relish-3 tbsp.

Mix all ingredients and enjoy!!!!

The next day is always the best.  The flavors soak all in.


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