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Tag, I am it!!!!

Here we go…

I got tagged and I am it.  One of my friends, Tiffani, from, “tiffani goff at home” is playing a game of tag to learn more about the Christmas traditions from her blogging friends.  She has asked 5 blogger friends, 5 questions about their traditions and I am one of them.  So here are my questions and answers, hope you enjoy:

Question 1:

What is your favorite Christmas tradition?

The Elf on the Shelf!!!  He and she (which has just joined the “he” this year) has got to be my favorite!!  Our daughter gets so excited on the arrival of now our, “elves!!”  Our mornings are filled with joy on where our elves have moved during the night.  If you don’t know the story you need to check it out!!  “Elf on a Shelf.”  Our elves watch our daughter each day and if they decide they have things they need to report to Santa they fly off and report to Santa of their findings during the night when our daughter is sleeping.  Then they show up in different spots when returning in the morning. Some of the spots are really interesting… They keep our daughter on her toes!!

Question 2:

Do you have a real or fake Christmas tree?

Definitely real!!! I love real Christmas trees, the smell, the feel, and the look!! My Mother has her fake ones each year and I just don’t get it.  She isn’t allergic, so why I say??? To each their own I guess…but hers are really cute!!  

Question 3:

Do you do a lot of Christmas baking?

Love it!!!  Yes to this question!!  I love to bake and if you are getting this message you know my blog and know me.  “” Christmas baking is so much fun too!!  And all the yummy recipes and the way it makes your house smell so good!! Mexican Wedding Cookies are definitely my favorite at Christmas time!! They remind me of Christmas!!!  

Question 4:

Do you put lights on the outside of your house and if so do you do it yourself or hire someone?

Yes, love lights on the outside of our house!! It gives it such the Christmas feel!!  Every year, usually the weekend after Thanksgiving my Husband gets all the lights out and to work he goes. He does it all himself and has got it down!!  Love you Honey!!!

Question 5: 

When do you open all your presents and do you let the kids open any before Christmas?

Christmas morning starts off with finding Santa’s delivery and opening all the wonderful presents and going through the stocked stockings that he has delivered to our house.  After that we head over to Nana’s, my Mom’s, in our jammies to open the truck load of wonderful gifts from her and to have her open the gifts from us.  Then back to our house to open the gifts from ourselves and other Family and Friends. So much fun!!  Christmas presents in our house are usually left all for Christmas morning, but I think there was a time that I did let our daughter open 1 present on Christmas Eve.  

  Well, I answered all my questions, sorry it took me so long to respond Tiffani, it was a lot of fun, I just put things off so far.  Hope everyone enjoys!!!!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!!

XOXO, Gina