Oatmeal Pie



Click on this, Oatmeal Pie Link and it will take you to the recipe.

I found this recipe on Pinterest. One of my favorite places to look for fun and exciting recipes and other fun things!!!!

Hello All,

I have definitely been taking a break from my blog, but I haven’t been taking a break from cooking.  I have many recipes ready to post and will catch you all up.  This one we had for a coming home celebration dessert last night for a sweet friend of ours who came over for dinner.  This pie was wonderful and super easy.  It was similar to a pecan pie minus the pecans and subbed in with oatmeal.  Also, this pie tasted a little like a big oatmeal cookie.  Add some ice cream and, or, whipped cream for the topping if you like, it is so yummy!!    Good one to try.  Tip: The best pre-made pie crust I have found is from Trader Joe’s in their dessert freezer section.   Enjoy!!!!



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